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Clam Lab Ceramics

  As is often the case nowadays, my knowledge of anythinginteresting originates from flitting around Instagram at 3 AM. It's when and how I've made some of the best discoveries. One such find was Clam Lab-- the handiwork of the Clair Catillaz. Until this point I'd never paid ceramics much attention, but a Clair's aesthetic drew me in. She has a particular way with clean, uncluttered forms and delicious tactile qualities (not only evident when you see the work, but then again when you hold it in your hands). There's a beautiful range across her pieces, yet it all ties together seamlessly. Underlying all of this a thoughtful consideration to her works' function and its usability.

So, a few months back, I paid a visit to her sun-filled studio in Brooklyn. Needless to say, it was a treat go through Clair's pieces (so. many. beautiful. things.) and chat with her in the process.  Every piece that came home with me has already become a staple (speaking to her mindfulness to function and usability).  Clair, thanks so much for letting me play paparazzi and snap a few photos! (I'll be back for more goods before long!)

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