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Virginia Field + Foundry dinner with Bing and musings on creativity


It's been just about two weeks since the first of the three Field + Foundry dinnersLaicie Heeley and I are hosting with Bing.  Even as I write this now I remain at a loss for words to express fully my gratitude for all of those who joined and to properly qualify the boundless inspiration and motivation I gathered from the evening.   While we come from different backgrounds (personally, professionally, and creatively), we all share this underlying (and driving) desire to create.  When you bring that together it's intoxicating and, at least for me, a bit soul-stirring. As promised, I wanted to share a few more glimpses of this magical evening, all captured by the exceptionally talented (and equally lovely) Reema Desai.  (Tip:  follow Reema on Instagram; you can thank me later.)

To start, though, here are some of wonderful recaps and posts about the evening.  (Last week I posted a few quick photos I snapped, but all of these folks (and Reema's beautiful images) give true justice to the evening's magic.)

Gratitude.  I have so much of it -- not only those who joined, but to Bing for their support of creatives, makers, and doers; to West Elm for providing us with the beautiful goods on which to share these meals; to Artifact Uprising for helping us record the memories and stories from these evenings; and to Amanda Marko for the words and experiences she shared about building Trouve Magazine.

Allow me to digress here.  Leading up to and particularly in the time since this dinner, the definition of creative, of being "a creative," has been rolling around in my mind.  Online searches yield a slew of definitions, variations around the same concept.  Perhaps the most salient bit of  information the interwebs offers is this: there are more than 60 definitions of the term.  Creativity, regardless of how you define it, is characteristically vague, complex, and amorphous.  For the nerds like myself, here's an quick journal piece that attempts to explain why this is so.  The academic, unsurprisingly, arrives at the same point I believe most of us do -- creativity (and I'll add my own bit here -- being a creative) is broad and flexible  in its application.  This I feel is its greatest quality.

We all arrived at this dinner from different places (in both the literal and figurative sense), with different passions and ways that we go about manifesting them, but we were all were drawn by the same (wide reaching) thread -- creativity.  This is all to say, I am thankful for the malleability of this term for without it I might have the the reason to meet, engage, and *create* with so many incredible people.  It is ambiguity, at least in this case, for which I am also so, so deeply grateful.


All photos by Reema Desai.